A cold chill rushed down my spine. “Where’s my backpack?” I’d just called Jane, my twin sister, to say that I’ve come through arrivals London Gatwick Airport, from Atlanta beginning a 9 week ministry trip to England, Finland, Germany, Holland and India. “Somebody’s taken it.” Just back 5 minutes into the country of my birth. “Bible gone, GPS gone, but worse, my new Ipad2, bought 3 days ago with kind gifts of 3 churches for my special assignment. “Don’t loose it, Richard.” “Keep your head in all situations,” charges Paul, the Apostle, to his young sidekick, Timothy (2 Tim 4:5). Hated calling my honey. Wanted to put it off till tomorrow, but had to tell her the inevitable. As word got out, prayers went up that whoever stole it would bring it back.

Later at my Twin’s home, “I’ll check,” the voice at lost property offered little hope. What do you have in the backback? A Bible, Yes, Heart skipped. SatNav (Americans call it a GPS) That’s here. Heart leaped. Then the big one. My heart stopped. I’m on my way. My ipad? There as well.Thank you Lord, and grateful I did not lose it.