“Something just happened in my heart.”

“Something just happened in my heart.”

On our last day in the Netherlands, I walked into our Riverboat Cafe. Two of the 25 Bible School students that I had given the One Wish training to a week before, came up to me. “We have just shared the gospel with the wristband and Noah is ready to trust in Christ. Can you do that part?”
I asked Noah if he was ready to take God’s hand. He said he was and I led him in prayer. He asked forgiveness for His sin, took God’s hand and said that he wanted to go God’s way not his way. After he had prayed, I looked at him. I could clearly see Noah was earnest. “Something just happened in my heart,” he said. I knew he had been born again.
Natalie’s One Wish Story

Natalie’s One Wish Story

Hello Richard,

I have written a short version of what I remember:

We walked slowly to the back of the brick village house extending our hello’s in Portughese, the language of Mozombique. Slowly a young girl emerged from the door and politely greeted us with a shy smile. Our team of three introduced ourselves and learned that her name was Christina. For a moment I didn’t know what to say or how to begin to speak with her. Suddenly, I noticed the One Wish writsband that I was wearing. Though I had never tried to use it before, I extended my hand to her and asked, ” Do you know what this picture is?”The local pastor who was with me translated her reply, “It’s a diamond.”

I said to her, “Do you know that you are a diamond?”

When she shook her head in bewilderment the door was wide open for me to share the love of God with her. After the story on my wristband was finished, I asked her if she wanted to become God’s child, and she nodded to me with tears in her eyes. I will never forget that prayer, for it was the most simple and precious one I have ever heard. I quickly slipped the band onto her wrist saying, “Never forget that you are God’s child and what He has done for you.”

In an instant I had gained a new sister, in this faraway country of Mozombique.

Thanks for the tools you have taught us, and I hope to meet you again one day. Have a merry Christmas! 😀

God Bless,

Natalie Moyer