Get In the Game

…I shouted, tossing the nerf football into the pews.
Getting it back with interest, I quizzed, “You want to
know what the game is?” Imagine this football as the
gospel and the world map as the football field.
Now I am an Englishman, American football is your
game. What are you trying to do in football?” “Get
from one end zone to the other and score,” someone
hollered. “It’s the same in mission – to take this gospel
from one end of the world (field) to the other end of the
world (field). I think I got their interest. “And Jesus gave
us a game plan (Acts 1:8).

That’s the kickoff to my message ‘Get in the Game’.
I have been bringing during the playoffs leading up to
Superbowl Sunday. Thanks for helping get folk out of
their seats and onto the playing field.