While we were serving onboard Logos Hope in Bonaire (March 2017), Yasmin Henry & I were out for street evangelism one evening. We met a couple from India who had lived there in Bonaire for several years. They were Hindus but very friendly and willing to talk.
We asked them what their one wish would be, and they said, “A baby!” We prayed for them, then got to share the gospel. They listened intently, and when we asked if they had a Bible they answered no. When we gave them one, the wife (Ruby) took it reverently and said, “I will read this, and it will change my life!” Manish, her husband, invited us to share the gospel and pass out Bibles at his department store on Easter Sunday, which we did. Her parting words to us were, “This [appointment] was completely made by God!”
In December, after we had left the ship, we got an email from Ruby with the subject line, “Blessed with a baby boy!” She said, “Remember us? You prayed with us for a baby and gave us a Bible.”