One Wish at Kakao Cafe

image2Enjoyed good coffee and churros in Kakao Cafe this morning, a stone throw away from our OM US base in Tyrone, Georgia, and shared with some folk about One Wish.

“One Wish” in Prison Cell

On a day that Dyfan, from England, had intended to spend an undisturbed day on board the ship, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, he found himself ending up in a prison cell sharing the Gospel with three juvenile delinquents.

His friend and fellow crewmember, Tom, who works in Logos Hope’s book fair, had befriended a visitor while helping to take a picture. It turned out that the visitor works as a magistrate in the city. He offered to take Tom and Dyfan out for some sightseeing and even invited them to the judicial centre where he works. At the centre, Dyfan met three young men who were in custody and awaiting sentencing for various crimes.

His first thought was to pray for them, which he did. Then, as he was about to leave the centre, he felt a tugging in his heart – a feeling that he had forgotten something. Returning to the cells, he realised he was wearing his “One Wish” bracelet, a tool to help share the message of the Gospel, even though he wasn’t intending to go off the ship that day. He asked the young men, “Do you know this Jesus that I just prayed about?” They didn’t, but wanted to hear more. Dyfan happily took the cue to share the love of God and the message of hope in Christ.

That afternoon, the three young men decided to follow Jesus. Dyfan was even allowed to enter the cell and pray with them as they took this step of faith. “I wasn’t intending to do anything that day, but God surprised me with this situation and used me,” said Dyfan, amazed at God’s plans.

“Do you remember you asked me my one wish from God…?”

“Do you remember you asked me my one wish from God on the stairway on the ship in Hong Kong two years ago? It was three in the morning and you had just arrived onboard. ‘That I would have a closer walk with God,’ I replied, and you prayed for one wish. I  have never forgotten that moment. I went to your One Wish workshop and loved it. Later I took a team to Israel and we had such encouragement in conversations using One Wish. I am bringing my whole team to your workshop.” And there smiling away with his team from Sweden in the back row was at TeenStreet in Germany this August was Daniel.

“That is the perfect name for her”

FullSizeRenderWith the Indian children holding up my One Wish flash cards, I shared the good news and come to Christ. Asked by one of the believers to baptize his wife, whose Hindu name meant ‘snake.’ and give her a new name, I clambered into the lake. Lowering her into the murky waters with the buffaloes and villagers looking on, I asked the Lord to give me a name. “Your old name is ‘snake.” Raising her up, “your new name is Martha,” “That is the perfect name for her,” the pastor chuckled, “she’s been preparing food all day for the evening meal after the gospel meeting.”

“This is my first time in a church”

62DFD33B-F01C-4697-8109-C9139D325598“This is my first time in a church,” exclaimed Jaz, walking into to this beautiful cathedral open to tourists in downtown Cardiff, Wales, “can anyone tell me what it is all about? Happily showing her with the four pictures on my wristband the good news of the gospel, this young women, flying home that day to India, came to faith in Christ. “I just feel so wonderful, so different inside.”  

Take the 21 Day One Wish Challenge

Wear the wristband and keep a packet of leaflets on hand to give as you connect with people.

Invite someone to join you for the 21 day challenge and connect weekly about any experiences sharing One Wish and reflections from the Growing in Friendship booklet (page after days 7,14, 21).

Say the 5 key One Wish phrases on the back of the card so you get comfortable using them.

Have a daily 5 minute conversation with God using the Growing in Friendship booklet.

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5 One Wish Phrases (one of the 4 challenges)

  • Q1 If you could wish one thing from God today for you, what would that be?
  • Q2 May I show you with these 4 pictures God’s one wish for you? (Picture of the 2 on cover of tract)
  • God put the wrong on him who never did anything wrong, so that we could be put right with God. 2 CORINTHIANS 5:21 MSG
  • If we choose to live without God in this life, God will choose to live without us in the next life.
  • Dear God, connect me with someone today and soften their heart towards you and my heart towards them.


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