… said the Indian lady at my book table Christmas Day.

“That does it,” “Lord, I’ve heard this too many times over the last 19 years.”

The first time. My professor at Regent College, Vancouver, turned to me, “Richard, you should write,” and then carried on his lecture.

Another time at my book table — I always have a book table when I speak, taking a moment before my message to introduce key titles that have impacted my life.
“Where is your book,” the lady said.
I don’t have a book.
Well, if you had a book I would buy your book?

So it’s time.
What to write about?
Who would publish it?
Have to make a start?
I am going to write a series of stories when life stopped still for me.
I will put them on my website. Take a look. Love your feedback.
A title that popped in my head, “Eleven tomato ketchup bottles.”
That’s one of the times, aged 14, life stopped still.