By Ed Huntley, Lead Pastor Federated Church, East Springfield, PA

In a word, it was GREAT.  Nearly all of the boxes were taken, and I believe that most were put to use.  Personally, I had a very good experience with all four weeks, and the only one that was a “stretch” was week #4.  But I did ask two different men the question, and both responded with thoughtful answers and I was able to pray with them.

Preaching-wise, I had a wonderful time doing sermons on hope, peace and love, and Rick did a great job with joy.  If you’re interested in hearing any of those sermons, you can pull them off our website,

The response of the people was probably best to the week on peace, because of your little devotionals.  They were excellent!  The church did pretty well with the offering for the Dalit kids, also.  So weeks 2 and 3 were the most “doable” I’d say, while weeks 1 and 4 are a little more challenging.

Christmas 2012