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I did a One Wish weekend with Ebenezer Baptist Church in Scarborough, England. Last Saturday morning I held a workshop and outreach for sixteen people. Sunday morning I gave a One Wish equipping message to the eighty folk gathered. Ten people trusted in Christ that weekend.
I met Mark as I was coming back into the church after the time of One Wish outreach. Sharp looking, in his mid-thirties, he said he was new to the area. Mark said he was not religious. I said I was not either. I gave him a One Wish leaflet. He glanced at it and said he liked it. I invited him to come Sunday morning to our service where I was speaking. He said he would come. Sunday morning he was there. I showed everyone the One Wish approach and Mark gave his life to the Lord.
He said he would come back in the evening. And he came back. I challenged people to pair up and take the 21 day challenge together. Each were to grow in their own friendship using the 21 Day “Growing in Friendship” booklet. Each would also connect with people during the 21 days and seek to each lead one person to begin a friendship with God and help them grow with a second “Growing in Friendship” booklet. Two of the twenty that stood to take the challenge were Mark and an elder of the church. They decided that evening to do the 21 day One Wish challenge together.
Natalie’s One Wish Story

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Hello Richard,

I have written a short version of what I remember:

We walked slowly to the back of the brick village house extending our hello’s in Portughese, the language of Mozombique. Slowly a young girl emerged from the door and politely greeted us with a shy smile. Our team of three introduced ourselves and learned that her name was Christina. For a moment I didn’t know what to say or how to begin to speak with her. Suddenly, I noticed the One Wish writsband that I was wearing. Though I had never tried to use it before, I extended my hand to her and asked, ” Do you know what this picture is?”The local pastor who was with me translated her reply, “It’s a diamond.”

I said to her, “Do you know that you are a diamond?”

When she shook her head in bewilderment the door was wide open for me to share the love of God with her. After the story on my wristband was finished, I asked her if she wanted to become God’s child, and she nodded to me with tears in her eyes. I will never forget that prayer, for it was the most simple and precious one I have ever heard. I quickly slipped the band onto her wrist saying, “Never forget that you are God’s child and what He has done for you.”

In an instant I had gained a new sister, in this faraway country of Mozombique.

Thanks for the tools you have taught us, and I hope to meet you again one day. Have a merry Christmas! 😀

God Bless,

Natalie Moyer